Feeling overwhelmed with modern day living?


Is it time to reconnect back to you?

Sometimes we reach points in our life when the ‘daily grind’ becomes intolerable despite the comfort a reliable salary affords us. Or our relationships (partners, friends and family) start to leak our energy rather than fill our cup. This is the increasingly common tale of modern-day life…

Consider this retreat your catalyst for change!

Athill Singh, Facilitator is passionate about mindfulness and the power of music and connection.

“ My friend and I needed to find some better strategies for our day to day lives.The retreat was marvellous. Sensible, useable meditation, great yoga and such a positive outlook on life.”

– Catherine Cussan

Finding your inner spark

Our retreat is your opportunity to detach from your current life and level of happiness. Now is the time to objectively begin to envision the life and level of happiness you want. Be inspired by those who have walked the path before you, and find like-minded seekers to add to your tribe.

This is not a seminar, or self-development course. It is an original program designed and intended to return you to a whole-body sense of ease, joy and elation. Be prepared for 3 days of high energy, interactivity, and excitement!

Your facilitators, Athil Sing and Melanie Prusker, will guide you through a series of workshops, games and insightful activities, all designed to call on your inner wisdom, and inspire your heart’s desires to rise. If you’re ready to live your life to a fuller potential and with greater joy, this retreat is for you.

“Dive into the healing work of transformation with meditation, mindfulness and music.”

It’s amazing what a few days can do…

  • 3 days of creative inspiration
  • Delve into mindfulness and the power of meditation
  • Feel energised with a new sense of direction and purpose
  • Retreat from your modern-day life and find clarity
  • Relax in the peaceful and healing Blue Mountains
  • Be nourished with balanced & wholefood vegetarian meals


Are you ready to live your life to a fuller potential and with greater joy?

Upcoming Dates

Recharge Retreats are offered fortnightly at our sister retreat centre in Wentworth Falls.